About Inspire Wellness& Massage Studio in Mifflinburg, PA

Struggling with getting started? Feeling discouraged and ready to give up?

You're not alone! I can help you find that hope again. 


The good news is, we get an infinite number of tries to get it right!

We haven't reached our limit until we get there!

We may just need a little extra help staying the course.

That's where I come into play.
hello, friend!

I'm Lisa, and I'm so happy you're here!

I became passionate about wellness 20 years ago when I did my massage therapy training thru Mt. Nittany Institute of Natural Health here in State College, PA.

I fell in love with my clients and hearing their stories and seeing their stories play out in their bodies.

As I worked, life was happening. I was a single mom quietly dealing with an addiction to food & alcohol. I was always trying (unsuccessfully) to stick with a consistent diet and exercise program.


The journey intensified.

I found myself on mountaintops and in valleys along the way. In May of 2015, after years of dipping my toe in the waters of recovery (working along with the program of Alcoholics Anonymous), I finally got completely sober!

To celebrate, I took my first YogaFit training to teach yoga. A few months later, I became an ACE group fitness instructor. I have gone on to teach many different styles of fitness (POUND, and BootyBarre to name a few of my favorites) over the past 6 years.

I now hold certifications for both Personal Training & Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise.

I'm married with 3 amazing children who continue to teach, inspire, and make me laugh every day!


Lisa's Signature Coaching Experience

I have crashed & burned a million times in a million ways and I'm here to tell you~ we CAN get through the struggle and make it to the other side. Whether you need help with cutting through the fitness jumble or the diet maze...or BOTH!

I'm here for you in whatever capacity you may need.

How We CanHelp


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Coaching & Personal Training


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What They Are Saying

I have loved being a part of this little group. It has been really helpful for me. I'm certainly not done with all of the work and assignments you have given. I have much more to do, but it gives me a good direction and helps me with my trajectory. I think you are a great coach. 5 star review!!!


I have suffered from tendinitis in my neck & both arms for 3 years. Massage and physical therapy helped but it wasn't enough. Lisa helped to assess where I needed strength and more flexibility. The low-impact program she created for me has been VERY effective. I'm happy to say I now have very limited pain. I'm sleeping better and am able to carry a light bag on my shoulder again. I'm so happy to finally be getting back to my normal self! I'm also looking forward to a stronger body with more balance and flexibility as I continue the program. 


Lisa has helped me to see numbers on the scale that I have not seen, in literally, years!!! On my own, I yo yo'd back and forth and was stuck at the same weight for a long time. Thanks to Lisa, I'm now feeling more fit than I have in years and have lost over 10 pounds since July 2021. So happy and thankful for health coaching with Inspire Wellness Studio!

Kellie M.